Hello, I'm

Wanda Yang

Hello, I'm

Wanda Yang

a Visual Designer

based in Taipei, Taiwan.

Design is a

Spiritual Act.

For me, design is a spiritual act. I am keen on reading the very details of people’s behavior, observing social phenomena, making connections within myself, then using visual tools to voice my opinions. That’s how I dig deeper in my soul-searching journey.

I enjoy creating

Graphic Design

I have been obsessed with observing details in life and trying to express this beauty through visual design. Visual is not just about appearance, it's about the related history, culture, and humanity.

Speculative Design

Speculative design leads me to observe the current world from a whole new angle. Speculation is not about judging but about questioning and imaging. I could expand and distort my thought unlimitedly in that world.


Photographs are the embodiment of my soul. It helps me understand myself better and translate my feelings into more powerful images. Photography has no language, but it can convey ideas more accurately than words.

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Let art take us

to somewhere we have never been before.

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